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BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK: Activated Charcoal Face Mask


These masks are perfect as little travel pouches to take with you on a relaxing vacay or to package as part of a treat basket. Individually packaged as shown, each package can make 1-4 masks depending on how thick you like your masks. Pour into a bowl and add just enough water or other nourishing ingredient (I prefer HONEY!) to make a creamy paste before applying to face. You can use water, honey, green yogurt, avocado, aloe vera or any other natural ingredient or mix of your choice. Allow the natural masks to harden for 5-10 minutes before washing off to reveal your vibrant skin.

Using the powers of activated charcoal to naturally detoxify skin. Also contains super nourishing black jojoba beads and bentonite clay.

What is this SUPER INGREDIENT of activated charcoal good for? It is a super clarifying and detoxifying ingredient. It helps with acne and oily skin and can be used once to three times a week as part of your anti-acne routine. It will keep your pores clear and fresh. Do not use metal bowl or utensils to mix your mask.

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