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about me

My name is Sophie and I've been into crafting and making my whole life.  I come from a family of creative crafters: my mom is a costumer and can make anything from a sewing machine and my sister is a woodworker and her baked goods are a work of art!  I have always made crafts and tried to sell them, mainly because it is a fun hobby and it is so nice when someone likes your work.  I started kitsch + fancy in 2011 while I was still a manager at Anthropologie for extra cash and because I wanted to stay active in the Etsy and craft community.  Before that I'd always made little handmade toys and paintings.  I started kitsch + fancy because I was learning a lot of entrepreneurial skills at my job that I wanted to apply to my own little business.  I also saw a huge need for PRETTY, beautifully packaged soaps and beauty products.  At the time (this is pre-Instagram and smart phone days), most handmade soaps were a dull brown patchouli soap you would find at your local health food store.  I started experimenting and injecting my own feminine twist on soaps and kitsch + fancy was born!  The beauty market right now is heavily saturated with handmade products.  I try to stand out by focusing on what I have from the beginning: which is pretty products in unique packaging.  I don't want my items to look like other brands or follow trends too much.  kitsch + fancy is unapologetically girly and my core color is still PINK!  

I spend my days working in my brightly lit, colorful studio room facing a creek.  Bryan and I picked this house because we fell in love with the creek in the back yard!

Bryan is one of kitsch + fancy's number one supporters.

My sister Irene is ACTUALLY kitsch + fancy's number one fan and helps me at all my local events!  Thanks sis!

The Kitsch + Fancy girl loves design, color, and femininity. A cozy home is just as important to her as the guests she has over. It's the little things in life that bring her joy. Something as simple as a lovely guest soap in a beautiful color makes her so happy. Kitsch + Fancy offers luxurious soaps, cute wedding and party favors, natural sugar scrubs-- things to pamper yourself or give as gifts for loved ones. It is a special way to indulge yourself and your loved ones.

My advice to you: treat yourself everyday!

If you are a fan, please keep in contact via Facebook for new items, special deals and coupons, Etsy picks and crafty how-tos!  

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